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In order to accomplish this, we must have a full complement of addiction recovery treatments. These will include more traditional addiction recovery treatment strategies, such as therapy strategies and conventional treatments. In addition, we provide holistic treatment strategies. And when you’re ready to leave the comfort and security of our drug rehab center and head back to the world at large, we’ll provide you with a customized aftercare plan to see you on your way.

To begin with, we provide those traditional therapeutic strategies that you likely think of when someone mentions an addiction recovery program. These therapies include techniques such as individual therapy. With individual therapy, you and your counsellor will meet in privacy. During this session, you’ll have the chance to discuss any issues that might be related to your addiction, but which you do not feel comfortable sharing in a group setting.

Your counselor will keep your confidential information safe and secure at all times.

With group therapy, the cornerstone here at our drug addiction recovery center, you’ll meet with your peers in the facility to discuss your situation.

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Holistic Approach

Some clients find the prospect of group therapy daunting to begin with, but rest assured, they soon find that it is one of their favorite aspects of the addiction recovery treatment program.

You’ll share your experiences with one another and benefit from each other’s wisdom.

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Therapy Sessions

In fact, in many cases, the peers you meet during group sessions end up forming the foundation of your sober support group after you’ve left our addiction recovery center.

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